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January 23rd, 2013

Well, to my great surprise, I'm back to having multiple chapters ready to go!

Chapters six and seven have been completed! I'm really excited about getting these posted :)

I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave reviews and let me know what they think of the story so far. I seem to be getting a lot of positive response, which is great. This story is different from the others I've written. It's a little more... adult. Harry's thoughts are more human and realistic, which is always fun. Also fun: throwing some F-bombs around. It's my first real rated-R piece!

I'm also really excited to be exploring this type of relationship. I get a lot of Sam-hating in the reviews, but this is expected and even slightly funny, in its own way. I am a huge H/G shipper and the fact that it's posted on SIYE, a H/G-only shipper site, you'd think people would panic less about Sam. Then again, whenever I read a story where Harry isn't with Ginny, I tend to severely dislike the other woman, too.

It's really hard not to skip any of the hard stuff when it comes to writing about Harry's feelings about Sam, or about Ginny's reaction to meeting Harry (chapter 6, everyone!) It's not a fluffy, immediate happily-ever-after type story. There's a real question of what Harry will choose to do, and whether or not Ginny will be able to forgive him.

I used a lot of my personal experience with having to see again the guy who is my own "the one who got away." It's not easy and you never say the right thing. It's a frustrating, humiliating and nerve-wracking situation, and I tried to show that in the story. Ginny has a lot to deal with and a lot to think about. And the fact that she's a single mother who has had to be very careful about protecting her son from scandal and the pain of public humiliation, doesn't bode well for getting things back on track. Ginny knows that her decisions will also have an effect on her son, which means she's got twice the reason to hold Harry accountable. 

She's a mother and she'll do ANYTHING to protect James, even if it means getting hurt again. 



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