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Well, to my great surprise, I'm back to having multiple chapters ready to go!

Chapters six and seven have been completed! I'm really excited about getting these posted :)

I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to leave reviews and let me know what they think of the story so far. I seem to be getting a lot of positive response, which is great. This story is different from the others I've written. It's a little more... adult. Harry's thoughts are more human and realistic, which is always fun. Also fun: throwing some F-bombs around. It's my first real rated-R piece!

I'm also really excited to be exploring this type of relationship. I get a lot of Sam-hating in the reviews, but this is expected and even slightly funny, in its own way. I am a huge H/G shipper and the fact that it's posted on SIYE, a H/G-only shipper site, you'd think people would panic less about Sam. Then again, whenever I read a story where Harry isn't with Ginny, I tend to severely dislike the other woman, too.

It's really hard not to skip any of the hard stuff when it comes to writing about Harry's feelings about Sam, or about Ginny's reaction to meeting Harry (chapter 6, everyone!) It's not a fluffy, immediate happily-ever-after type story. There's a real question of what Harry will choose to do, and whether or not Ginny will be able to forgive him.

I used a lot of my personal experience with having to see again the guy who is my own "the one who got away." It's not easy and you never say the right thing. It's a frustrating, humiliating and nerve-wracking situation, and I tried to show that in the story. Ginny has a lot to deal with and a lot to think about. And the fact that she's a single mother who has had to be very careful about protecting her son from scandal and the pain of public humiliation, doesn't bode well for getting things back on track. Ginny knows that her decisions will also have an effect on her son, which means she's got twice the reason to hold Harry accountable. 

She's a mother and she'll do ANYTHING to protect James, even if it means getting hurt again. 

update update update

Keeping the update train rollin! Chapter four o Keeping Even the Broken Promises as been submitted to SIYE and fanfiction.net

Take me to SIYE http://siye.co.uk/viewuser.php?uid=1417
Take me to FF.net http://www.fanfiction.net/~summerpotter
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Check it out at http://www.fanfiction.net/~summerpotter

Chapter 3 has been submitted to SIYE, as well :) 

As for AIT, so far I've got the story on hold. I've got 2 more chapters to post and then we're done. I'm just busy with a job hunt and family stuff at the moment. Hopefully I'll get the story completed all in one update! Check back for updates on AIT, if you really want to know what happens next!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Keeping Even the Broken Promises UPDATE

Want more of Keeping Even The Broken Promises? Please head over to fanfiction.net and read CHAPTER TWO: THE FIRST CLUE

I'm very excited. WOO! An updated chapter already!! You can click the link below to read this story on fanfiction.net. 


I've submitted to SIYE and just as soon as I get approval on chapter one, I'll start updating there as well. 

Here's to being productive, friends... (well, in my fanfiction writing. My school work is another thing entirely...) 

New Fic: Keeping Even The Broken Promises

Well, it's happened. As I finish AIT, I kept telling myself that in the next year or so while I think about what sort of story I'll publish next, I wouldn't post it until I had everything done. I hate the long waits between chapters. However, something weird happened: I had this idea for a story, and I thought it over for a few days, unsure if this plot bunny was for real. 

Well, it was as real as its going to get. I sat down to write the first chapter and instead wrote four and an entire story outline. I went to bed, got up the next day, and wrote another two chapters. This hasn't happened to be in YEARS. So I've given in and I've submitted the first chapter to ff.net and SIYE. 

It's a bit darker and of different subject matter than what I usually like to write, but what the heck. Kiddies, it's got some swearing and mature subject matter, so I've got it rated PG13 with warnings of sexual content and language that some may find inappropriate for younger readers. 

Basically, the plot is that Harry Potter doesn't remember who he is-- four years ago he woke up in a strange city, on another continent. He doesn't remember that he's a wizard or what he's been through. Feeling frustrated and unhappy, Harry begins an unexpected journey to find out who he was and what he's left behind. Unfortunately, the truth about his past isn't as wonderful as he had hoped, and he learns he's broken a lot of promises to a lot of people. Will he ever get his memory back? Will he ever figure out how the heck he ended up on the other side of the world? Will he figure out how to keep even the promises he broke without meaning to?

Read to find ;) 

New One-Shot: "Sunrise"

It's beginning to occur to me that I do more work on writing one-shots than I am doing on AIT, which irks me because I'm SO close to finishing. I do love AIT, its just emotionally draining with more serious subject matter. I forgot how much fun it is to write one-shots and I DID have fun with this one. 

Please let me know what you all think, because I wrote this on a random whim and I'm interested in getting feedback on it :) 

Sunrise by Summer Potter
  Rating: PG
  Ships: H/G
  Type: One-Shot, Post-DH (pre epilogue) 
  Synopsis: The war is over and the morning sun brings hope, happiness and light to rid the darkness that Voldemort inflicted on the wizarding world. With the sunrise warming up the grounds, a certain someone is ready to find Harry and start her happily ever after. This story is a one-shot and post-DH, set right after the battle.
Words: 5327

Let me read "Sunrise" by Summer Potter!Collapse )
I take NO credit for the Potter-universe. I also have paraphrased a line from a Taylor Swift song called "Your Anything." Her lyric reads: "I've give everything to be your anything." And my line reads: "I would be anything for him if it meant I could be his everything."  I give credit to T-Swift for this line! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

You can also read/review this story (pending update times) at: 
http://www.siye.co.uk  (Sink Into Your Eyes)
http://www.fanfiction.net/~summerpotter  (Fanfiction.net)
http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewuser.php?showuid=232181 (Harry Potter Fanfiction.com. YES! Im there now, too!!!)

I'll be posting at my other sites soon.

Update x2

I'm on an editing ROLL here. 

My new one-shot "Fitting the Definition of Family" AND chapter 16 of "All It Takes" have BOTH been uploaded. 

And now onto chapter 17 of AIT!

Please read and review! I love hearing your thoughts!!

Fitting the Definition of a Family

A/N: I came up with this little excerpt story while walking to school one day and I had a lot of fun with it. I’ve kept the dialogue from OotP and DH mostly intact, if not for a few instances of grammar. I do not take any credit for this borrowed dialogue, or anything pertaining to the Harry Potter universe!

I hope you enjoy this little one-shot. More than this, I hope you can find something to like about the Dursleys, because I don’t believe they’re all such terrible people. Please review : ) s

Read this new one-shot!Collapse )

New Fic

So while I've been stuck in writer's block with AIT, I've managed to come up with an entirely new one-shot that's now complete, sans title and needing a good edit. Surprisingly, this is not my typical H/G one-shot, but an extended scene from Deathly Hallows, chapter 2. 

I've written this story from Dudley's point-of-view and hopefully adding some depth to this character that might not have expected. 

I literally came up with this while walking to school one day while thinking how I needed to get my butt back into the writing game if I was ever going to finish AIT. I was thinking up plot bunnies and suddenly this one hit me. It was fun to write because its different, and yet difficult, because of the original material I wanted to leave alone. 

I'll have it edited and posted on fanfiction.net and perhaps LJ, if the word count lets me do it :P 

So stay-tuned for this currently untitled one-shot excerpt from DH :) 

Now editing -Chapter 16: Define "Normal"-


I have finally fought my way through a large chunk of writer's block and have found my way back into the sunshine! I was really struggling with my final scene in the muggle world with Jackson's funeral, but everything and anything I wrote for it wasn't sad enough or believable and I needed to do Jackson justice. Harry's presence was also giving me trouble since I've created such a divide between Ginny/Annie/Jackson and Ginny when she's with Harry, but I think I've got it all worked out. 

I'm FINALLY in the editing stages of chapter 16, which I've titled as "Define 'Normal.'" I figured I'd update on LJ since I haven't in a very long time and its again been a substantial amount of time since I've had AIT updated. I'm going to work on it again tomorrow and see where I get-- its a tad shorter than some of my previous chapters, so hopefully I won't have to completely rip it apart tomorrow.

Only a few more chapters left to go!